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    Preparing for your holiday

    Mobile phones

    If you are taking your mobile, ensure you have roaming switched on and that your device will work out of Australia (you may need to call your provider to unlock it). Check call rates to ensure you don’t come home to an enormous bill!  

    Internet on your mobile while you are away

    Just a quick note that roaming data charges can add up pretty quickly, especially if you have a device such as an iPhone with applications that automatically update on the go.  We recommend you switch data roaming off while you are away.  If you will be using maps then download them before you go. Don’t forget to pack your charger and adaptor.

    Skype your friends and family

    Skype is one of the wonders of modern travel. Where ever you are, Skype gives you free calls, video calls and instant messaging over the internet, and also allows you to make cheaper calls to landlines and mobiles.  You will need to set up an account by downloading it first. Click here to go to the Skype homepage.

    ATM / Credit cards

    These days your regular ATM / credit card is accepted in most places and are plentiful at airports when you arrive so it’s no longer necessary to take travellers cheques. You may, however, want to get a small amount of your destination’s local currency before you leave just in case.  Take a spare card and keep it in a different spot for emergencies.

    Getting to the airport

    If you haven’t organised a transfer to the airport please give us a call and we will do it for you.

    In-flight baggage

    Ensure you pack only the allowed limits for liquids, aerosols and gases (100mls) packed in a clear plastic bag for your in-flight luggage.  For more detailed information click here.


    Take your medication on your flight (not in your checked luggage in case of delays or lost luggage) and ensure you have a spare prescription in case you run short.

    What to pack

    Less is more: Save some room for shopping!

    Don’t forget:
    • Camera including batteries / adaptor / spare film / memory card
    • A spare pair of prescription glasses (or the prescription) – just in case
    • Your international driver’s licence if you are renting a car
    • A copy of your travel documents & passport
    • Useful extra - a Steripen water steriliser for side trips a little bit out of the way

    Prepare for when you arrive

    Arriving in a new country can sometimes be a little daunting, despite the excitement of it all. To make things easier, especially after a long flight, we offer the following services:
    • Transfers from the airport to your hotel
    • Making a restaurant reservation for you (we know the secret spots to tantalise your tastebuds!)
    • Booking you into a day spa to rejuvenate your senses and alleviate jet-lag

    Arriving home

    There is nothing worse than facing the taxi queues at the airport after a 24 hour flight home. Contact us to have our driver waiting for you once you get through customs.

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